Mixes from Mars

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Roger Yip, Year 2 School of Accountancy Student

“It’s not easy being a student and the business owner of two bars at the same time.

Attending school during the day and working at my bar at night really takes a great toll on me. While the bar closes officially at 1 am, there are still many administrative matters to be done, and we usually don’t go home until 2 am. Not to mention the managing of all operations, events, enquiries and business-related activities which happen throughout the day. Sometimes, I get an important phone call in the midst of a lesson and have to excuse myself in order to take it.

Naturally, my grades may have been affected. However, one thing I am convinced about is that while grades are indicative of how well you are doing academically in school, they are not everything. To me, the journey of education is the one that truly matters: that includes making friends, creating good memories, and ensuring that I learn something different every day.

The modules I took in SMU have guided me in my business operations. Technology and World Change, a university core module, helped me to understand how Google’s page ranking works. Business Law allowed me to understand and draft contracts with vendors and clients, and more technical modules such as Financial Accounting aided me in preparing accounts for my business.

Through SMU, I also learnt to be more confident, driven and opportunistic. These qualities have benefited me tremendously in the way I run “Mixes from Mars”. I believe in the saying that you reap what you sow. Everything that “Mixes from Mars” has today was built with by me and my partners with our own hands.

Though we have not yet fully achieved our dream, we are working to make it come true. The hardest part is always the beginning. Once you find the courage to take the first step in the race, you’ll see that running isn’t all that hard.”

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